My First English “Just Writing”!

My First English "Just Writing"!

Vesal Parsi

I don’t know what should I write about but let me imagine that I just should write! About anything that I like and I want! on the condition that my writing is in English!

I like writing, especially, writing in my style!!! (But not in other languages)

There is nothing better that!

Okay, let's start.




:D what should I do!?

Let's start with me! Start with speaking about my writing style!

I have my style in writing, but it is in Persian and I don’t know is it correct in English too? or not!? (OMG I love Microsoft Office word, and Google Translate! They are my best friends when I am writing, speaking, or thinking in English! I wish one day, MS-word, could correct me Errors too, like now that it correcting my [misspelling] (I should admit that I Found this word in Google Translate! And I'm not sure about [accuracy] of that (Please repeat this parenthesis for [accuracy] too! :D )).

:-" OMG, see what Nonsense I wrote! (remember that parenthesis again :-| )

Well well well, I think now you know my style! and I am 90% sure that you are thinking that I am not ok!

[At this moment, one of my friends told me, your writing is Compliantly Persian! And killed my sense]

Ok, lest be a little serious and speak about sessions.

We had a discussion about anything that shows our teacher is feminism and have a big problem with men :D [sry teacher, just joking :D Please don’t revenge, and forgive me :-" ]

Men or women?

I think this is a closed case!

Everybody knows that men are premier than women! (Certainly, you know that feminism is not everybody :D [joking again!]

Maybe men are premier, but, when you be alone, you can't be complete! And an incomplete person, couldn't be a premier human.

You are happy or married?

Actually, if you are with a person that you don’t love, or he/she don’t love you, you are, I have to Congratulations, you are married!


If you have a person that you believe each other, you trust each other and him/her presence {that parenthesis} give you a different sense that you can't an expression, maybe you are happy, please don’t be excited {that parenthesis}, I just told maybe!

I wish all of you to be happy :-*


  پ ن پس از 4 سال: اینا چیه من نوشتم !؟


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